What to Do When he Pulls Back: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

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Couples do not always consist of two people that think exactly alike. It is easy for some people to become comfortable in their relationship and forget they are two unique individuals with their own plans for the future. It often comes as a stinging shock to women when the man they imagined marrying and being with forever suddenly seems to back away from the relationship. There are many reasons why this happens but most women will almost always respond the same way. They hover around them, focus on them more and do all they can to prevent their partner from having any space. It is an attempt that usually backfires as the smothering attention pulls them further away.

Reasons Men Leave

  • He was only around for fun and left when it was no longer enjoyable.
  • Fear of failure may lead a man to walk to prevent him from becoming the victim.
  • The realization of the depth of their feelings is sometimes a surprise that leaves men uncomfortable with their new vulnerability.
  • Commitment issues become overwhelming once they realize the relationship has moved to this stage.
  • External issues like work, family or health concerns may need more attention and the relationship is preventing this from happening.

Women panic when a man wants space or begins to show less attention to them. Luckily, these events are almost always temporary if the woman handles them correctly. In almost all instances the relationship would not have reached the intimacy level it has if the man was not interested. Women will have more success when they learn what to do when he pulls back.

  • Give him his space because refusing to do so will make him less likely to return.
  • Remain positive, understanding and patient.
  • Stay on a normal routine and avoid contacting him or contacting his friends for information.

Resist the temptation of playing hard-to-get when he reaches out. It could either cause him to decide the relationship is over or make him feel as if he has no say in how he lives his life. It could also be seen as a sign that the woman is not really interested in him after all. Patience and time are usually all a man needs before they return to the woman they love.