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Buying Guide: How to Get the Best Air Fryer It goes without saying that chips is among the foods that is highly consumed in the different corners of the globe. The high content of fat and disposal of old oil is something that most people have an issue with. This would however be nothing to worry about if you went for an air fryer that is able to offer quality chips without using much oil. Discussed in the article here are recommendations to help you buy a good air fryer. The best air fryer will have a paddle responsible for moving your food as it gets cooked. This is something you will find convenient as there will be no need to stir the food that allows for proper cooking. You can however remove it whenever you are preparing delicate meals that might probably break during the cooking process. The need for a timer cannot be overemphasized in this case. You will find this worthwhile in figuring out the amount of time remaining for cooking. Digital and manual are the two types of timers you are likely to come across though the digital is an option that’s a cut above as you will stay in the know about the remainder cooking time.
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Temperature control is an additional feature that you need consider if you are to get cooking matters right. A good Philips air fryer will allow you set the desired temperature and this usually anything from 80 to 200 degrees centigrade. This will work to your advantage when you need a controlled way of cooking considering that there are foods that need be cooked under specific temperatures for a good result.
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With the advancement in technology, the market today has air fryers with smart controls. This mean your air fryer is compatible with your smart device and thus cooking instructions can be sent from an app that has different recipes. All you need do is keep an eye on the app so as to know the moment the cooking is finished. Some air fryers will even allow you to grill rather than air fry, something convenient when preparing meat and fish. It is on the same note that some will have an added cooking rack thus allowing you cook two types of meals at a go. Cooking your chips and steak at the same time without having them mixed will thus be easy as a duck takes to water. After all is said and done, the air fryer needs to be washed. It is essential that you go for air fryers with parts that are dish washer friendly. The lid, bowl, and stirring paddle are some of the parts you need ensure are dish washer friendly.