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Why Stump Removal Services Are Essential Majority consider cutting trees as the ideal way to clean up a compound. The process of cutting down trees leave stumps lying across the compound which give unpleasant site to the homeowner or the compound users. Unless otherwise required, removing a tree from a compound must also include stump removal. Stump removers come in handy in this process offering an easy and safe method to get rid of the stump leaving an even surface for development. An easier solution to get rid of the stump is to employ the services of professional removers with the right equipment and expertise. Stump removers undertake an extensive survey before commencing the job. This is done to ascertain the extent of work required to fully remove the stump completely. Removing an old stump is typically a longer and more complex process compared to a young stump. The age of the stump in this case is based on the time taken from when the tree was cut to the time of stump removal. Removing a small sized stump is easy unlike the bigger ones occupying bigger space. Removal contractors consider these factors when determining the best procedure to follow. Different methods of stump removal can be applied by the contractors. Digging out the stump is the oldest and most common used for this purpose. Soil around the stump is removed by digging the exposed roots cut off. Soil is used to fill up the hole left after the removal ensuring the ground remains even with the rest of the compound. Alternative methods of stump removal include use of chemicals such as a mixture of sodium nitrate and water. The chemical leaves a spongy stump which is easy to remove using an axe or burning to ashes.
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Stump disposal is the biggest problem after its removal. Local authorities provide with disposal options for different types of garbage in different areas and this must be followed in disposal of the stump. Disposal options for the removed stump include loading it to garbage trucks or carting to designated locations in accordance to the stipulated regulations by local authorities.
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Cost of removing stumps varies between service providers. Size is a major factor in this process. Carting away the removed stump by the service provider attracts extra cost alongside the initial cost of removal. Removing stumps is a service that comes in handy. Stump removers are always ready to offer this service to needy clients. The compound looks much better and is safe for residents and animals within after an extensive process of stump removal. To find a stump remover, homeowners can simply use local directories or seek assistance of topographers in the region.